Maddy Lederman



Edna in the Desert: Can a tech-addicted teen survive without a cell phone, Internet or TV?

Released Sept. 2013 by eLectio Publishing.

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Art Department

Recent projects: Darren Aronofsky’s Noah and The Amazing Spiderman 2.

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Short Films

Maddy’s short films have been broadcast on The Independent Film Channel and screened at festivals nationwide.

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The Little Fraulein was an Award Finalist at the IFP Market.

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  1. Amazon.Thumb
    The thing that clinched Edna in the Desert a 5 star review was Edna's voice.

    It was totally believable--Maddy captured all the drama and thought processing of a young teen...

    Tina Chan /
  2. Amazon.Thumb
    A sweet, fun read.
    Lederman creates a memorable cast of characters, each unique and fascinating...
    Kasey Heinly / Review
  3. Amazon.Thumb
    This one is going to be a classic.

    “Edna in the Desert” was a wonderful trip back to my adolescence, a spiritual journey that was refreshing...

    Kerry Weeks / Review
  4. Amazon.Thumb
    I recommend this book to all - not just the YA group.

    The author displays literary maturity in her patient treatment of Edna's movement from self-centered to other-centered...

    Joy / Review
  5. Amazon.Thumb
    Maddy Lederman is a 21 st Century Judy Blume.

    We purchased EDNA In The DESERT for our neighbor's young daughter & read it first. We Loved it...

    Stephen Visakay / Review