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Articles by Maddy Lederman

  • Los Angeles Times: Swizzle Sticks Make A New Stir

    Thursday 16, September, 2010
    By Stephen Visakay (with Maddy Lederman), Special to the Los Angeles Times, September 16, 2010. Photo: Ann Cusack/Los Angeles Times There’s more history to these cocktail-stirring devices than Don Draper could imagine. They’re collectibles as well as connections to the past. “Mad Men,” the Emmy-winning cultural phenomenon, has sparked renewed interest in yet another quirky artifact from its era. In addition to slim suits, lunchtime cocktails and cigarettes, the 1960s mark the glory days in the history of the swizzle stick — and Don Draper’s Old-Fashioned would’ve been considered unfinished, even uncivilized, without one. Today, these mini-pop-culture icons are emerging as entertaining and valued...
  • Whirlwind: The Local Energy Industry

    Saturday 12, April, 2008
    By Maddy Lederman Published by The Sun Runner Magazine, April/May 2008 With a history of so much scandal surrounding energy and the ongoing battle against the alleged profiteers proposing the ironically named “Green Path,” it’s easy to be suspicious of anything in the local energy industry. At the same time, the benefits of an energy source that does not emit CO2 are numerous and obvious. Wind power is a fast growing industry, and we are likely to see more of it. In general, wind power gets pretty good press. If green energy is mentioned in an ad, you can expect...
  • Bluegrass grows in Wonder Valley

    Friday 12, October, 2007
    By Maddy Lederman Published by The Sun Runner, Desert Music Edition, Oct/Nov 2007. Rick Chambers has been living in Wonder Valley for over 30 years. “I was a lineman for Edison and then I went to work for San Diego Gas and Electric. I just helped the city fill in and, you know, I got claustrophobic. I had to get out. I always loved the desert. I woke up one morning in Oceanside, put an ad in the newspaper that day at noon and the next day at noon everything I had in Oceanside was sold and I was gone. That...